Schutzhund Trial


February 6, 2005

Judge: Dieter Traeger, SV
Hosted by:   Tucson Rottweiler Club  
Location: Tucson, Arizona  

Trial Results
Judge SV Dieter Treager
February 6th 2005

BH Results
Name of Dog: Cameron Capone Dei Dohse
Breed: Doberman
Breeder: Jason Dohse
Owner: Cornelia Grabichle
BH Passed

Name of Dog: Feebie De La Casa De Medina
Breed: German Shepherd
Breeder: Peter Medina
Owner: Mark Roback
BH Passed

SchH2 Results
Name of Dog: Magic vom Elfenschloss BH, AD,SchH1
Breed: German Shepherd
Breeder: Klaus-Dieter Schmidt
Owner: Andreas Mueller
SchH2 80/91/94 P

FH1 Results
Name of Dog: Bobby vom Steenfelder Kloster BH, SchH3
Breed: Rottweiler
Breeder: Lothar Becker
Owner: Joseph Baker and Andreas Mueller
FH1 93